Saturday, 16 November 2013

My Butterfly

It was a bright sunny day,
That soft plush grass, upon I lay,
Suddenly, a sunshine butterfly flutters,
“Fly with me”, I think it mutters.

The golden little wings,
Gladly it flaunts,
With honey-hued spots
And its might sky jaunts

Oh, you pretty thing, I softly say,
Take me with you, far, far away
Lend me those wings, you pretty thing
Teach me to fly, flutter and swing.

All I want to do, is take a flight,
And feel the thrill of the tallest height.
All I want to be, is to be set free,
And fly above the deepest sea.

This thought makes me let out a soft sigh
Making my butterfly soar even high,
My yellow butterfly, I'll always remember,
My butterfly from last December.