Saturday, 16 November 2013

Leaving Town

The time is inching closer,
When we will have to part,
Leave behind this beautiful life,
Looking ahead to a new start.

Those childhood memories,
And the swing on the trees,
The homemade marmalade,
And the angry chasing bees.

I wonder if the big city,
Will have the beautiful swans?
Will it have the green meadows?
And the striking dawns?

The university letter, is sitting at my desk,
My mother seems so proud, just like the rest.
I hear father talking to my elder brother,
He tells him, the bird is now ready to leave the nest.

If everyone around me is so glad,
Then why is my heart sinking?
Is it really the big city?
Or is it the just the quiet between my love and I

That… That is truly haunting?