Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Weekend

Rose is in a particular hurry today to get done with her work for the week and be home a little earlier than usual. This Friday night was going to be different and Rose was thrilled to get on with it. Rose was a social butterfly and drinking and dancing were the favorite parts of her weekend. Dating a man who is not into the social scene and prefers a quite weekend at home sure cannot be easy but when one is dating someone as understanding as Sean, it is a perfect relationship. Rose and Sean have been in a relationship for two years and Sean has adjusted to Rose’s outgoing way of life. But, tonight was different. Rose had planned a romantic dinner at home for Sean and this was her way to say thank you to him for being the world’s greatest boyfriend or so she thought.

She slipped into her Pucci dress that was Sean’s favorite and did her hair in an elegant chignon. She scurried into her walk-in closet to search for her favorite Chanel lipstick. A red lipstick is always a confidence booster, Rose believed. To add to the yesteryears movie star look, Rose clipped on her vintage Christian Dior earrings, which were a gift from Sean to her. Sean, always loved it when his girl flaunted the expensive gifts that he bought her and Rose was in every mood to make him happy.

Sean was a dream-come-true boyfriend. He was never jealous, never possessive, helped Rose in doing the dishes, made love to her five times a week and took her out on adventurous holidays twice a year and this dinner was just a small way that she planned to say thank you, tonight. While zipping up her Hermes boots, Rose was checked off the list in her mind to ensure that everything was in its place for the grand romantic dinner that she had planned. The bottle of Rose’, the Pierogi Ruskie which she had prepared in the morning and the Chrusciki which she had ordered in from Sean’s favorite Polish restaurant looked wonderful on the paisley printed tablecloth. The soft light of the candles and the vintage crockery added to the ambience whereas the sweet scent of the freshly cut lavenders emitted a calming effect. Sean was an ardent food lover and explorer and the taste of the month was Polish. Food, wine and Rose, all were ready to be devoured by Sean but a tiny flicker on her phone made her world crash down, that night.

Popped up on her phone was a mail from her childhood friend and confidante, Lisa. “Is everything okay between you and Sean or am I imagining this? Please see the photo attached and call me asap. Xoxo. L,” read the mail. Rose was confused but not alarmed and was still touching up her make up when the image was fully downloaded and flashed on her phone’s screen. Sean was kissing his colleague Angela who Rose knew and had a suspicion that she had an inclination towards Sean. But, this image proved her wrong. The inclination was equal from both the sides and the kiss sure did not look as a ‘one-of’ or a ‘mistake’. Her two years with this man whom she thought was a ‘dream-come-true’ boyfriend was a lie and the only truth that remained were her tear-stained cheeks and the empty bottle of Rose’.